Excellence in Business Development & Certification

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At the Global Governance Foundation, we focus on Business Development and certification that’s far-reaching. GGF Advisory Business services and Certifications: 

*  Development of Business Plans and Feasibility studies - for introduction to Financial               Institutes and International Banks 

*  English proficiency certificate for EU - employement  essential for non English speaking          employees to comply with EU-Work safety regulations. (VCA/BHP)

   Ref: 1. TQUK Training Qualifications UK Certificate 6016445

           2. Framework agreement - PVBF - Poland representative

*  Advisory role in international tax litigation issues (ADR) related to African natural resources

*  Advisory services and publications related to/and enhance public health, for example :       drinkwater treatment systems, alternatives combatting malnutrition, diabetes, obesitas, etc

By combining training, coaching and certification all in one structure, we provide real opportunities.

Alex P.M. Pasmans 

Chairman Global Governance Foundation